Wednesday, April 27, 2016

CPS2 Multi Kit complete!

Here's my Yellow CPS2 Multi Kit! Yellow rental case, new custom label, yellow LCD holder and yellow Service/Volume buttons!  

The kit is Darksoft's CPS2 Multi add-on board. It's a great piece of hardware that plugs into a donor CPS2 B-board (the game board) and takes an SD card for loading up all the CPS2 games. Installation wasn't too difficult as it was mainly plug-n-play, except for one small solder job to add reset functionality. 
The LCD is attached for selecting games and displaying what current one is loaded. 

Damn it feels good to be a gansta. ;)


  1. Hi. Just curious, is this still plagued by the battery back up issue? How did you make a multi-cart, which is what I'm assuming this is. Thanks. Looks great.

  2. Hi there, thanks for your comment. This is an add-on board that omits the need for the battery back-up. Google search for Darksoft Multi-CPS2 and you should find what you're looking for. ;)

  3. Ok, great. Really wish people made stuff like this for sale. Not sure I'd be able to put one together myself. I had a CPS2 with a bunch of boards a couple years back that I sold off due to me being constantly stressed about the batteries dying. I think this would be a much better solution. So I'm assuming the rental case is just empty with the Darksoft multi inside?

    1. If you create an account on you could get in touch with the creator and see if he has any that are assembled for sale. He sometimes has them for sale. The installation isn't that difficult though. I'm not really an electronics person, everything I learned was through reading online sites and forums. With a little study, you could learn how to do it as well!