Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quick Ship Designs for a Shmup (shoot-em-up) game I worked on a while ago...
The artists I work sprites!

Arcade Art: Geometry Wars - retro arcade side-art

This ones for a dedicated Geometry Wars cabinet that I was commissioned for. My customer wanted a retro-look, reminiscent of Tempest, Xevious, and Gravitar artwork.

Side art:

Control Panel:


And here's the finished cabinet in action!

Arcade Art: Antagonist vs. Protagonist

Created this for a cabinet builder on the BYOAC (Build Your Own Arcade Controls) forums.
Games featured:
• Q-Bert & Coily
• Ryu
• Pac-Man /w Ms. Pac-Man & ghosts
• Marble Madness
• Altered Beast & Boss
• Shuuz
• Galaga
• Super Mario & Koopa
• Birdie King: Golf
• 720: Skater
• Rampage
• Fantasy Zone
• Rolling Thunder
• Boot Hill
• Kick: Clown on a unicycle
• Joust
• Super Punch Out
• Mr. Do
• Dig Dug
• Centipede
• Mr. Driller
• Final Fight
• Burger Time & Enemies
• Shuuz: The horseshoe spike with a red horseshoe around it.
• Ryu & Ken
• Haggar and Poison

...and the applied result:

Yes, that is a Grizzly riding a Rhino.

Arcade Art: The Big Lebowski and friends

Arcade Art: Galaga Tribute

Arcade Art: DK and Pac-man's Pact.

Arcade Art: Major Havok from the front!

Created this for a KLOV member who converted an Atari 720° arcade cabinet to Major Havok . The marquee originally featured the main character running away from the audience, but he wanted to have him drawn from the front view. Most of all the previous artwork is drawn of him from behind.

The end result:

The cabinet was beautifully converted, and is pretty awesome to see Major Havoc running on a larger (25") vector monitor.

Arcade art: Robotron Study

Arcade Art: Pac-man's pack!

Blanka study

Bright Shmup Boss-heads!

Chun Li

Soul Calibur's Mitsurugi

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hey I started a blog!

Yup, no avoiding it now.  Gotta have a place to put artwork, animation, arcade and gaming related stuff...