Thursday, June 18, 2020 Streaming!

A couple months ago, when COVID-19 forced all of us to stay at home, I started doing a weekly Arcade Stream on  I’ve been wanting to put on a regular twitch stream for a while now, and had been slowly acquiring the hardware to do one legitimately.

My schedule is every Thursday at 6PM PST/8PM EST, then randomly on the weekend.

The goal for Thursday’s is to run Arcade Games on Real Hardware for a couple hours, just chillin’ playing games and talking about them. Weekends will be random. Could range from arcade, to consoles old or new, or doing art. We’ll see what I feel like then. But Thursday’s should be arcade consistent.

I’m not doing this for money or anything, just an excuse to play my toys with people who appreciate them. But if people want to donate or subscribe, I'm not going to stop them. :)

Come on by the stream and hang out!

Sega System 18 Multi - OLED Selector Images

Had a blast making the System16 selector images, so I continued onto another upcoming multi board...the Sega System 18!

These icons has a bit more pixels than the S16 images, @ 128x64 this time.

And here's how they look on the OLED Selector Screen!