Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Banner image!

Finally got around to creating a banner image/logo.

Started off as a crazy idea, doodled during a meeting:

El Diablo Mecanico

This one's an oldie: I did a control panel on a cabinet for a former employer.
Luchadore style!

Control Panel:

Artwork applied to the Control Panel. The CP supports 4-players, and host the original Wico joysticks that was already installed:

Finished cabinet.
The Marquee was created by a co-worker of mine, and the side art is part of the company's logo:

Monday, September 23, 2013

Satan's Hollow 2

Currently working on an art project for a cabinet that has a Satan's Hollow arcade theme. Satan's Hollow 2 never existed, but my client wants the art to be an update of the original arcade art kit, something new and cool looking, but keeping to the retro feel of that cabinet BITD.

Here's a look at the side-art:

This is the original art:

Stay tuned for the CP, Marquee and Bezel art!